Archaeology presentations

Archaeology publications

  • Johnston, P. (2015). Examining social and economic aspects of Middle to Late Bronze Age settlement in Ireland using archaeobotany: case studies from North Cork. In J. Kneisel, M. Dal Corso, W. Kirleis, H. Scholz, N. Taylor, & V. Tiedtke (Eds.), The Third Food Revolution? Setting the Bronze Age table: common trends in economic and subsistence strategies in Bronze Age Europe (pp. 64–74). Bonn: Verlag Dr. Rudolph Habelt GmbH.
  • Johnston, P. (2014). Archaeobotanical Data from Two Middle and Later Bronze Age Round House Sites in Cork, Ireland. Journal of Open Archaeology Data 3:e1, DOI:
  • Monk, M. and Johnston, P. (2012). Perspectives on non-wood plants in the sampled assemblage from the Troitsky excavations in medieval Novgorod. In M. Brisbane, N. Makarov and E. Nosov (eds.) The Archaeology of Medieval Novgorod in Context: studies in centre/periphery relations. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

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