Testing new tools

NB: This is work in progress!

I am adding data from sites to a timeline and maps to see if digital tools can help me to gain new insights into archaeobotanical datasets.

Created using the Open Knowledge Foundation timeline tool – TimeMapper (http://timemapper.okfnlabs.org/)

This works as a sort of slide-show timeline. Hover over the right or left edges of each entry and an arrow will appear, allowing you to move on to the next site.

Deciding on start and end dates for a dataset is a challenge as many sites are multi-period. At the moment I tend to put in the entire radiocarbon date range for the site (where these are available) but that is obviously not ideal.

And going back through old reports, noticing mixed tenses, commas in the wrong place, etc. that’s not so easy either.

This is a personal research portfolio under construction. It operates as a showcase for my work in digital humanities, oral history and archaeology (archaeobotany). My research interests are focused in particular on the way that cultural heritage works in the digital world. I blog about this at Forking Paths. I am also an archaeologist, specialising in archaeobotany.