Unstable materials. Part 6: Digital – fragile, material

Concerns about digital preservation, the fragility of the digital record, have been quite prevalent since the early 1990s (see a previous post – Unstable material Part 5 – and Brown 2013, 9). Some discussions of the digital record have been characterised by what Blanchette (2011) calls the “trope of immateriality”. Such discussions promote or reinforce […]

Digital “audience”

I’ve just returned from the Oral History Society conference in Manchester Metropolitan University. I gave half a talk (the first half was given by Clíona O’Carroll, my supervisor in the Department of Folklore and Ethnology at UCC). We were looking at the idea of audience, and knowing your audience. Cliona talked of the main audience and […]

Local, digital, global

This post is a modified version of a poster presented at Digital Humanities 2014 in Lausanne.  Context Audio, the primary “document” in oral history, is easy to publish in web-based media and it is now common to disseminate and access these materials online. But how are these used? What sort of value do they have for their users? […]