“Thick mapping”

Thick mapping is an idea derived from Geertz’s idea of thick description (Presner et al. 2014, 11). It is a method of doing ethnography – extensive description about cultural context and meaning – a path to understanding (see an outline of Thick Description and Geertz’s use of it here http://culturalstudiesnow.blogspot.ie/2012/05/clifford-geertzs-thick-description.html).

Folklore, oral history, digital humanities and metadata

Tomorrow (27th October 2015) I will be talking to second year Folklore students about metadata and digital projects in folklore and oral history archives. Here are the slides as hosted on slideshare. The information sheet for the class is attached as a pdf PJ FL2013 info sheet. Documentation about metadata is important. The International Association […]

Digital projects – narratives?

When I think of digital humanities projects (the ones that are not about building tools, but about analysing and interpreting humanities data) I think of efforts like Digital Thoreau, Mapping the Republic of Letters, The Shelley-Godwin Archive , Dickens Journal Online and perhaps some smaller efforts of our own such as the Cork Memory Map. All of […]