Rathfarnham Castle plant remains

Abstract for my upcoming talk at Rathfarnham Castle (Thursday, 23 August 2018).

From Garden to Gut…

Recent excavations at Rathfarnham Castle have provided an unusual opportunity to look at the microscopic plant remains (seeds) that are sometimes preserved in archaeological deposits. This talk will discuss material that dates from approximately 1660 to 1710, a period that coincided with the development of a culture of hospitality and feasting amongst the protestant elite in Ireland. We will look at how the plant remains from Rathfarnham Castle contribute to our understanding of gardening and food in this period, discussing the cultivation of exotic new food plants in the garden, and how these were then prepared and consumed.

After the talk there will be a chance for members of the public to use a microscope to look at the seeds that were found during the excavations.

Blog posts covering the contents of the talk to follow shortly!