From garden to gut…

My most recent research efforts have been focused on developing ideas about gardening and food in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This has been prompted by some work on the plant remains from excavations at Rathfarnham Castle in late 2014 and early 2015. The samples dated from the 1690s, plus or minus 30 years.

Review in Béascna

The 2017 issue of Béascna, the Journal of Folkolore and Ethnology from University College Cork has just been published. It includes my review of Oral History and Digital Humanities from 2014, edited by Boyd and Larson. A summary e-print is posted here.

The elf in my thesis

On Wednesday 8th February I will be doing my final(!) DAH Colloquium presentation of my research in the DH Active Learning Space in UCC. My topic will be writing up DH work/practice as an ethnographic/autoethnographic narrative.

Cultural memory and new media

My research is carried out in collaboration with the Cork Folklore Project (, in particular working with the Cork Memory Map (see This is an oral history online map, and memory lies at the heart of the oral historian’s work: The oral historian, broadly speaking, asks people questions to discover four things: what happened, …