Iterations, meaning and re-negotiation of meaning

I see oral history maps as a form of thick mapping. This includes my own particular practice, in collaboration with the Cork Folklore Project, of creating digital oral history maps of Cork. (If not yet quite “thick” enough to qualify as thick maps – the aim is that these can be added to so that …

“Thick mapping”

Thick mapping is an idea derived from Geertz’s idea of thick description (Presner et al. 2014, 11). It is a method of doing ethnography – extensive description about cultural context and meaning – a path to understanding (see an outline of Thick Description and Geertz’s use of it here

Some words about place in digital space

I am presenting the at the Digital Arts and Humanities Colloquium at University College Cork on 2 March 2016. The title is “Some words about place in digital space.” Here is my abstract: Local. Historic. Home. Real. Safe. Mixed. Struggling. These are some words about place taken from oral history interviews in the Cork Folklore …