The elf in my thesis

On Wednesday 8th February I will be doing my final(!) DAH Colloquium presentation of my research in the DH Active Learning Space in UCC. My topic will be writing up DH work/practice as an ethnographic/autoethnographic narrative.


My PhD is a DH collaboration with the Cork Folklore Project (, and my practice involved the creation of digital oral history projects. I will present an autoethnographic account of my work, framed as a response to Borgman’s (2009) questions “Where are the social studies of digital humanities?” and (more particularly) “Why is no one following digital humanities scholars around to understand their practices?”.


Borgman, C. L. (2009). Borgman, C. L. (2009). The Digital Future is Now: A Call to Action for the Humanities. Digital Humanities Quarterly, 3(4). Retrieved from