Review in Béascna

The 2017 issue of Béascna, the Journal of Folkolore and Ethnology from University College Cork has just been published.
It includes my review of Oral History and Digital Humanities from 2014, edited by Boyd and Larson. A summary e-print is posted here.

The journal also features full length articles in Irish and English by M. Briody (about the narration of hero-tales, in English), by I. Ní Riain (“An Gemeinschaft Oileánda” in Irish), by P. Granziera (about La Befana in Vento folklore, in English), by R. Kingston (about the evil eye and biomedicine, in English), E. Ní Dhúill (about an Irish-language film, in English), by C.Myron “Cailín i nGátar?” in Irish) and by S. Miller (about a Manx folklore and song collector, in English).