After the viva

My Viva voce was last week. It was a strange experience and I am still occasionally kicking myself for not saying things in certain ways. I used the final chapter of John Finn’s book, Getting a Phd, to prepare. He lists a set of general questions that are commonly asked in vivas. I used this, getting my husband to ask me the questions, which forced me to verbalise the thesis. This was quite good preparation and I would recommend it to anyone else in the same situation.

Word cloud that lists reflection, meaning, context, process, representation and ethics
Word cloud of some of the broad resonances within my research (used as a slide during my Viva presentation)

The viva seemed to fly past. The examiners were very positive and, with just a handful of typos to correct, I will soon submit the final version of the thesis for the library. What next? Part of me wants to put the thesis away completely for a while. However, I am now trying to convert some of my thesis into possible papers. This involves some re-working of ideas, and a lot of re-writing. To do this I am using parts of Belcher’s Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks, which gives you weekly working targets.  I’m hoping that this will help me get through this post-thesis and post-viva slump.