An out-of-sorts day of DH

Early starts

Yesterday I had an early start because I was catching the first train to Dublin, and then on to Maynooth for the launch of DARIAH Ireland. Apparently that five o’clock start was so good my body clock decided it wanted a repeat. I lost count of the number of cups of tea I had before my normal wake-up time eventually came around today.

All days begin with email

As with almost every working day, today my working day started with email. There were some interesting queries to deal with concerning open access policy at the Journal of Irish Archaeology (answer: we’re working on it).

PhD support

Then a meeting with fellow DH PhD students, the purpose of which is to provide mutual support. I talked of my love for Zotero.


A return to the office, some printing, some food and then, when it became clear that the impending migraine was not going to go away, a drive home and a darkened room. Here ends the first half of my day of DH.


The second half of the day began around three in the afternoon. Finishing my paper for the Digital Material conference in Galway is now a priority. By five I have a working order that I’m happy with and I want to print it out. There’s no ink in the printer and no spare cartridges in the house so I wait until rush hour is over and drive back to the office (luckily just 10 minutes in the car), do my printing, and return home.


Later, I remember that it is the Day of DH and that I should write a blog post. I write in a word processor first. When I try to create my Day of DH blog it won’t let me, saying that I do not have sufficient permissions. It’s been a long day and it started very early. I give up and post it on my own blog instead.