This website provides links to some of my research activities and outputs; an online research portfolio. I work across a number of different disciplines, primarily oral history, digital humanities and archaeology. At the moment, I am building up new research agendas after completing a four-year, funded PhD in Digital Arts and Humanities in UCC. I highlight these in my (sporadic) blog.

For my PhD, I worked on the creation of digital oral history maps (the Cork Memory Map and a smaller project on oral histories of North and South Main Streets in Cork) with the Cork Folklore Project. Where possible, the outputs associated with my PhD, including written articles, slides and notes from conference presentations and posters, are available to view here.

I also work in archaeology, specialising in archaeobotany. I visited the amazing Russian medieval city of Novgorod during five seasons of excavation between 1997 and 2002 (skipping one season because of lack of funding) and worked as a research assistant for Mick Monk from UCC. We looked at the waterlogged plant remains found in deposits from the city. My archaeological publications, conference presentations and posters can be viewed here. Some of the many archaeobotanical datasets and technical reports that I have worked on are available to download from my profile with Figshare, the online repository. I am adding to this slowly, with the intention being that this will eventually provide an open resource that other researchers can use and cite.