New writing

A few new pieces of writing just out and in the pipeline:

  • A short article in the summer edition of Archaeology Ireland about the kind of information that can come from plant macro-remains (part of the Environmental Archaeology in Ireland series). I’ll include a link on the Archaeobotany page when this is uploaded to JSTOR.
  • A chapter on the plant remains from Bey More (aka Beaubec), a community excavation in Co. Meath where I worked during three summer seasons of excavation (from 2019 to 2021). Hopefully published and launched in a few months time.
  • A chapter that I have been working on with Mick Monk but cannot say more about as it is supposed to be a surprise!

Looking forward to summer weekends now that these have been submitted…

My next piece of writing is something that I have had as an almost-complete draft for a few years, and can’t seem to get finished. To help me along I am experimenting with an AI tool to see if I can sharpen up the writing and get motivated to finish. I know LLMs are improving fast but my verdict so far is that I’m probably still worth employing.






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