Author: Penny

  • New writing

    A few new pieces of writing just out and in the pipeline: Looking forward to summer weekends now that these have been submitted… My next piece of writing is something that I have had as an almost-complete draft for a few years, and can’t seem to get finished. To help me along I am experimenting…

  • More online presentations

    The Rewilding Later Prehistory YouTube channel now includes talks from their workshop in April. Lots of talk of data from environmental archaeology and from chronological projects.

  • Abstracts for two upcoming presentations

    Two separate papers at the upcoming Environmental Archaeology in Ireland conference include my work. These include work from Ireland (Bey More) and from Russia (Troitsky). I’ve attached the two abstracts here: [Bey More] and [Troitsky].

  • Online presentations

    The online round table, Motherhood in Archaeology and Matricentric Feminism, is now online. View the contributions here (on You Tube). The slide for my presentation can be viewed here.

  • About this site

    This website,, includes my personal online research portfolio. My research interests have covered diverse topics, from archaeobotany to digital humanities and ethnography/oral history. I am currently working on Project Time ( and I am based in the Dept. of History, Politics and Philosophy at Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • Mothers of Irish Archaeology?

    On Tuesday, 15th February 2022 I will be presenting a short paper (5 minutes!) at an online round table hosted by the Austrian Archaeological Institute. The round table’s theme is “Motherhood in archaeology and matricentric feminism” and it is connected to the project “The value of mothers to society: responses to motherhood and child rearing…

  • All the work on the old website was gone…

    I checked my personal website today, the first time in a while. And I found that it had disappeared! No idea what happened to it but suspect I may have deleted it by accident and in haste when trying to create some disk-space for a different website, EAI, that I am currently hosting. This is…